Selling a Business


Looking to Sell a Business? SBXA Can Help You!

Selling a business can be one of the biggest and most important decision you make and without the right support, selling a business can be a confusing, stressful and a difficult process.

If You Are Thinking Of Selling Your Business, These Are Just Some Of The Things To Consider

1. What is your business worth in the current market?

Planning is key and if you are thinking of selling your business, you should talk to a professional business broker about what your business might be worth in the current market.A check of the status of the business and current market will enable you to decide if the business is ready to be sold.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy a business

1. What can you afford? Consider your minimum and maximum budget.

2. Shop around – find something that suits you and the lifestyle you want and something that matches your skill set. There is no perfect or ideal business. Each business and industry has its own unique challenges and it is important to find the one that you can be comfortable with.

3. Do you due diligence! Gather as much information as possible about the business and the industry which the business operates within. Also pay attention to factors such as location, rent, leases and staff employed.

Why Use a business broker?

A professional business broker can provide you with advice and knowledge that can assist you immensely in making the right decision about the right business. At SBXA, you will be assisted by highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced brokers that can help you gather all necessary documents and information, assist with your due diligence and compare a selection of businesses.

We pride ourselves in having the industry knowledge and expertise that you need when buying a business.

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